Couples Therapy

Face-to-face in Greenwich or online. 

Couples therapy at Space For Self can help with

  • Frequent / recurring conflicts
  • Unealthy patterns 
  • Traumatic experiences (affairs, long separation, betrayal)
  • Being stuck in argument
  • Lack of emotional intimacy
  • Felling disconnected
  • Disbalance (one partner wants more intimacy than another)

What is EFT?

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is an effective short-term structured and transparent approach that aims to repair and strengthen partners relationship, communication and emotional bond. It focuses on how people experience their relationship and how they express (or don't express) their feelings. It explores why partners feel stuck and what negative patterns prevent them to get closer to each other. 


EFT is one of the most studied and validated approaches to couple therapy at the moment and its effectiveness is scientifically proven. Researches show that 70-73% couples report that their issues are resolved and 90% of couples report significant improvement in their relationship (Johnson & Whiffen, 1999).


During sessions partners start to experience each other differently and learn a new "language" that both of them understand. The goal is to create a new successful emotional bond, intimacy and trust. 


The therapist offers warm and non-judgemental environment and guides partners through clear and manageable steps. Both clients feel safe, respected and heard during the process. The therapist is not there to judge or take sides.


Together with the therapist new solutions to old problems are created and emotional stability is built. Partners become a team, helping each other to heal their relationship. They establish supportive bonds and create new patterns that work well for both of them. They develop safe responsiveness to each other that is unique for their relationship.

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