Breaking Up Support Group


Starting from: Friday, 13thJuly and running fortnightly 



Limited number of Participants

Fee: £35 per session


About the group


Breaking Up Support Group is for women who are:


·     Going through divorce, separation, end of relationship

·     Having painful feelings of loss over relationship that ended a long time ago

·     Involved in unhealthy relationships but unable to move on due to emotional dependency


Each group meeting focuses on a specific aspect of separation inviting participants to explore and understand their feelings, support each other and heal. 


Some of our topics are:


·     Coping with the early trauma of separation

·     Why can’t I leave?

·     The Road to healing

·     Stages of separation

·     “Don’t call that man”  

·     Co-dependency

·     How to cope with anger

·     How to cope with loneliness and depression 

·     Exploring guilt 

·     The chemistry of separation

·     Emotionally immature / unavailable partners 

·     Moving on with life after separation

·     and others



To register, please contact:


tel. 07551585254



Fee: £35 per group session